Take2 AI is Hiring!

Take2 AI is Hiring!

We are on a mission to reinvent how companies recruit & train talent for high-volume sales roles. We are forming a superstar founding team, join us!

💥 Open Jobs at Take2 AI

Head of Engineering / Founding Engineering LeadFounding Engineer x 3

🎯 About Take2 AI

Take2 AI is an AI-powered job simulation platform for sales recruiting & training.

We help companies generate tailor-made simulations of real-world sales scenarios that vet job applicants for skills, behavioral attributes and culture fit. By leveraging generative AI, Take2 AI recreates company and role specific sales scenarios that not only provide high-signal performance data to employers, but also immerse job applicants in the role, leading to fewer mis-hires and reduced short-term attrition.

We are a team of Stanford GSB & Engineering alums with deep expertise in AI, a prior exit under our belt and experience building & scaling products at Microsoft.

We are backed by Reach Capital & SemperVirens VC, as well as additional Silicon-Valley based Venture funds. You can read about our fundraise announcement here.

Our advisory board is comprised of HR leaders from Fortune 500 companies such as Visa, Disney, HP & Google.

Yaniv Shimoni
Yaniv Shimoni (left), Kaushik Narasimhan (right), co-founders of Take2 AI

⚠️ The Problem

There are over 1.4M open sales roles in the U.S. each month, most of them are high-volume sales roles such as call center sales, field sales, inside sales and in-store sales.

These roles are extremely difficult to hire for:

  • Hard to infer skills & fit from resumes → Heavy reliance on interviews & gut feeling.
  • 100s of job applicants per role → Countless hours reviewing & interviewing job applicants.
  • Misalignment of job expectation → Mis-hires that churn shortly after being hired.

The result is very negative and costs companies billions of dollars each year - 1 in 3 salespeople churn each year, 3x more than any other occupation.


🔧 Our Solution

We solve this problem by generating tailor-made simulations of real-world sales scenarios that help vet job applicants for skills, behavioral attributes and culture fit. By leveraging generative AI, Take2 AI recreates company and role specific sales scenarios that not only immerse job applicants in the role, but also provide high-signal performance data to employers — a game changer for high-volume sales roles.


💻 Product Demo

Below is a product demonstration of our platform at the 2024 i4cp conference, presented by Prasad Setty, ex VP of People Ops at Google, who sits on our advisory board.

In this video, Prasad walks through how Take2 AI works and shares a few examples.


👁️ Long-term Vision

Sales recruiting is just our starting point. The infrastructure we are building – leveraging AI to develop real-world sales scenarios to assess skills & fit in the context of a specific role & company - allows us to expand to additional applications such as training, coaching and onboarding.

Our long-term vision is to become an end-to-end sales talent management platform that every sales leader will use to make the most of their sales teams.


💪🏽 Our Values

  • Radical transparency delivered respectfully.
  • Assume best intentions.
  • Hard work beats genius.
  • Be curious - learn & iterate.
  • Question without authority.

🤝🏽 Why Join Us?

  1. You get to define our culture and help us hire our team as we scale.
  2. You will largely shape the tech stack as we build things out. You will join customer calls and work closely with the founders to learn and then build.
  3. You get to work 1 on 1 and to learn from amazing people that are working on Take2 AI. This includes CTOs of unicorns, Fortune 100 CXOs, AI Researchers, BigTech People Ops leaders, world-class investors and others.
  4. We at Take2 AI believe that talent is everywhere. You will love working with us if our mission of going beyond the resume by using technology to allow people to showcase their real-world skills resonates with you.
  5. Competitive compensation with equity. We will work with you to strike the right balance between equity and salary that matches your risk/reward appetite.
  6. Nothing beats the energy of an early stage, mission-driven team working together a few days a week in the office. This is a hybrid role based in NYC and will be a truly fun ride!

Still have questions? Please write to us at founders@take2.ai.